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When was it Established?

This journey for us began sometime around 2010, when a few of us noticed that not everything is what it may seem, that things go deeper, and so we got together to venture forth into the things that many may find uncomfortable, or even hard to believe, and that’s quite alright. We are adventurers.

Just for you:

We all wish for universal harmony, a world where we all can get along, thrive, and expand. We all want to find the meaning of life, or at least our own personal lives to start off with and reach some type of mental peace/stability within ourselves. Knowing that all entities and creatures are all fractals of a whole, this is a safe space for you to learn and explore shared knowledge, discoveries, meditations, channelings, stories, and experiences had by reputable sources, as well as the next random person who wishes to delve into something different and make known the unknown, and share it with those who are willing to listen.

What is inside?

Within our libraries developed in our Wiki you will find a mixture of different types of knowledge and references within.

Some of the reading is light, colorful and seemingly full of fantasy like one of my personal favorite pieces of data by Drunvalo Melchizedek, author of the, “Flower of Life, Volumes 1, and 2”.

In others, you can learn the concepts of what is termed by our research team, formulaics language designations and conceptual language, which are the building blocks of understanding OFF-World. One such book, also available in audio, is the “I AM Raw” dictation/channelling series, as well as “A Course in Miracles”. 

There are hundreds of other books in between, all of which are enriching to the mind and spirit as well as intriguing to the brain.

What else is inside?

You may also find articles about nutrition and health, as we believe it is imperative, even vital, to take care of yourself on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. We hope our hub emanates light into whatever it is you seek, and perhaps this will inspire you to add your own findings, knowledge and experiences on our hub. Once again, we welcome you kindly.

Please feel free to have a look. 


General Break Down:


Forum: Our Eso-life forum is part of the growing community exclusively working as a missionary for the quest of the embetterment of Human Life and the Quality of Life. Our professional team tests products, services, and are part of many communities in order to bring a global perspective on hard subjects.

There is no doubt that the Forum is just for you. And did we mention that it is MOTHER approved?

More About Forum:


Our resources work with the end in mind. We support wellness, health, scientific research, education, and science, as well as spirituality and the paranormal.

Social Media:

You can use the mainstream social media platforms like FaceBook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more to connect.

Phantom Social

And for something more private, you can reach us through the Phantom Social Network.



Become The Source:

Based on the SCI-Fi/ educational Amuechi called OFF-World, Become the Source uses TAF (The Association Files) in order to reconstruct a storyline that is very tangible to the way we are heading with technology and lifestyles. Although BTS works well within the material discovered in TAF, they provide a good message with an entertaining element. But we don’t want to give too much away, so check it out for yourself.


This is the story of Humanity racing against the Sinister outcome of the Darkness Virus. The BTS team races against time to prevent the extinction of all life forms known in the universe. They must travel to the earth in the 1st dimension in order to prevent the Darkness Virus spreading and ultimately leading to the fall of the physical universe.


(The original sources) of all the paranormal context and the place where most of the conceptual and formulaic knowledge was adapted from. The Association Files, or TAF for short, is something that was not started on a whim. We approached the knowledge of TAF with intentional discovery, and the question in mind of how we can use the discovery to help out our fellow man.

This made our categorization and organization of the information a unique challenge. This is because we needed to find a way to make the knowledge that is usually out of reach to humans easier to comprehend without changing the meaning. The concepts, data, timelines, events, entities and classification of such entities can be anywhere from fascinating, frightening, eerie or puzzling, beautiful or seductive, depending on who you are and what your intention with the knowledge is.
Needless to say, access to this knowledge is open to a certain extent, but we advise to browse and explore at your own risk.



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Become The Source Community

  • OFF-WorldPhantom Force


Building the life you ultimately want is something that is multui-faceted. There are too many stories out there about the rich people who are morally corrupt, or the spiritually inclined people who are not business savvy.

Or how about the highly intelligent people who are not emotionally skilled enough to use their intelligence effectively? Many people don’t know that one area of your life also affects other areas of your life.

They treat their work and professional life one way, and their personal and spiritual life another way, and usually in ways that are contradictory. Or, they know that balance is needed in all areas of their life, but they don’t know how to find it or weave the areas altogether in a harmonious fashion that benefits not only themselves but those around them whose lives they affect and interact with.

For those that try to put together random and incongruous resources together, the frustration of just wanting to find it in one place was a strong concern. Knowing this from the experiences of others and ourselves, we put together resources and guidance in order to help you build the personal and professional aspects of your life and live life on your terms in a congruent, comprehensive way. We have focused our efforts on the financial, professional, artistic/performance, and esoteric/spiritual sides of life. You will find these in the areas listed below:

  • Make an income online: Be part of the Phantom Force

Expand your Spirituality with ESO-Life Topics.


These topics can be found in The Association Files, our BTS timeline, and ideas mentioned during the segments on BTS Radio. What you take from it and how far you wish to take the knowledge and apply it to your life is to you. ESO-Life covers topics that include but are not limited to:

    • The paranormal
    • Religions and religious history
    • Cultural events and timelines related to religion, spirituality, esoteric, and the paranormal
    • Spirituality
    • Esoteric concepts
    • NLP and neurology
    • Health and wellness
    • Extraterrestrials and extra-dimensional beings

Express Yourself: 

  • Be on BTS IRadio. You would be surprised how many people say they could never go on the radio, or would be caught dead on the radio, and end up loving the fun and avenue of expression known as radio communications! Here the topics and length of being on airs can vary in range. Perhaps you’d like to make a brief cameo after the show is done and be on the air during our Aftermath to participate in answering and asking questions. Or maybe you want to jump into the fray and talk about topics like the paranormal and relationships, which you can find on our ESO-Life segment. Or, maybe emotional intelligence and business success concepts, strategies and research-backed tangible ideas are more your thing. If so, come listen and participate in our BIBX (Business in a Box) segment. And if you think voicing your opinions and ideas is really not your thing, we say, give it a try! But seriously, we always have “behind the scenes” help that is also just as appreciated and needed!

Discover yourself: 


  • Become a member of TAF. In learning and sharing, you are also teaching and discovering about the world outside of you as well as within. As mentioned before, reader and explorer beware! You might find some knowledge and ideas listed here that are not for the faint of heart or for those who are already deeply convicted of their beliefs.
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