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This is the NCC6 Center where we provide information allowing you to engage and embrace your own inner power. It contains information about your health and wellness through the understanding of your everyday life and your esoteric experiences. This site also contains data dealing with the metaphysical, insight on other realms of reality, and ways to understand the third-dimensional density construct better so you can create a more beneficial life. Enjoy our resources like our educational videos and podcasts. Also, don't forget to check out the calendar for upcoming events and seminars.


What is ESO-Life?

Eso Life  is a lifestyle that many of us have already chosen but are not aware that we did so.

Eso: Eso is short for the term esoteric. However, it is not a term easily thrown into conversational topics, as you will learn throughout these pages. It stands for more than the metaphysical, to say the least. It deals with your interactions with your internal physiology, your psychological makeup, and even your own energy!

Life: Life, in this case, is a term derived from TAF as a limited and finite moment of experience that all entities have in order to achieve their dreams and desires.It can be seen as a tool that you use through linear time. By making choices that create a consequential outcome that allows the understanding of that experience to develop, you cause awareness of that experience within the limited humana consciousness.

Existence: "Existence" then becomes the idea that the energy, spirit, or soul, moves on without ever truly dying. Existence always is what it is, and that is all.


What Topics Do We Discuss?

Although we speak on many different topics and include many different perspectives, ESO-Life first sees the needs of the individual and how it interacts with the greater whole. So you can always get what you want...providing that you do what you need to do. With that said, we welcome all forms of thoughts. Really? Yes, really! What most individuals fail to see is that your walk through life is a peeling back of the Egocentric System (referred to as Ego-Life or Egoic System) so that you can get to the root of who you truly are or would like to become.

All things are a part of one. It doesn't matter if you think you are the only slice in the pie. There is a whole pie.


What is ESO-Life Like?

Eso-Life focuses on systems allowing you to enhance yourself at your own pace, with your own free will, and your own innovations.

Eso-Life helps you understand your inner power and achieve it in ways that are genuine and lifelong. These include building your creativity, achieving wellness, connecting to your spirituality, connecting to your higher (or more encompassed) self, and even getting started on a new career.


Does This Site Support Other Religions?

Yes! Religions are a stepping stone towards asking more of the right questions that allow you to see yourself as a small part of the whole. At the same time, most religions assist you into understanding yourself for more than what you are and what you can become. We welcome all religious discourse.


How Does it Work?

You can become part of our community through the following methods:

  1. By taking a class from one of our instructors.
  2. By taking a class on http://www.humanacon.org.
  3. By being invited by one of our TAF, BTS, or iNet Members.
  4. By participating in forums that actively take the time to answer your questions.


How do we pay our staff so they do not pass out or starve?
Things to know: Eso-Life is not an overnight agenda. It has been practiced successfully for years and now it is coming to life in the cloud so that you too can become the source of what you always wanted.

Most iCore-6 members, after an event that took place somewhere in 2010, worked together with OFF-World entities to assist others in learning knowledge of enlightenment and overall wellbeing. They dedicated their free time to organizing a large scale event so that individuals could become free of the 5 pillar system that controls most of their human fate.

With that said, how do we break away from the common problems that don't assist us in growing?

Method 1: Volunteers! Most of our staff is made of volunteers, individuals giving of their time freely to a cause they see well worthwhile. This keeps the costs down.

Method 2: Using the Shopping Annuity! We guide members to purchase what they want and need (just like they normally do) and get paid for doing it. That's right: We are asking you to save money and get money for doing what you're already doing: Everyday shopping for your household!

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